Minki Balinki, award-winning visual merchandisers

“We’re in this business to deliver something visually spectacular”

Minki Balinki’s 22-year success is built on providing clients with outstanding service, unrivalled creativity and the ability to provide cost effectiveness in all our projects. We’re inventive, knowledgeable about materials, and passionate about the service we provide. 

“We offer awarding-winning creativity and attention to detail”

When I had just graduated, and before I won the top award at New Designers, I found myself sewing thousands of acetate squares onto hundreds of metres of gold lame fabric for Harvey Nichols. It took forever, but when it was finished I thought, “Wow. This is what I want to do!” Fantastic visual displays don’t just require creativity, they need patience, planning and attention to detail. 

“22 years of experience means we identify what we need for a project quickly”

One of my earliest projects, for Miss Selfridge, involved making sputnik snowflakes out of cable ties and electrical flex. It became one of the first ever displays to use utilitarian materials creatively. Trying new materials is fundamental to Minki Balinki, but our long experience of doing this means we often know what will work from the outset. This allows us to quite quickly identify what we need for a project, saving you both time and money.

“We can develop an idea from scratch or bring your visual to life”

We’re a full 360 service, offering design, production and installation. But we can also be the creative facilitator, working to a clearly defined brief and helping you achieve the visual you have in mind, on time and on budget.

“Everything we do is one million percent different from anything we’ve done before”

Every job is unique, and we treat every job that way. We love projects that present a challenge and make us think, ‘how on earth are we going to make it work?!’ I believe in coming at a problem from as many different angles as possible until we find the right solution. We’re also nuts enough to take on the tallest of orders and the craziest of requests. Whatever your project, we can make it happen!


Nina Tillett, Founder and CEO, Minki Balinki