Ecco, Munich: Shoe Makers, Designed with Passion




Project type:
Design, Production, Installation

Ecco Denmark commissioned us to design a test window for their Munich Store. The brief was to create a window that was simple in design and colour, taking inspiration from their heritage as shoe makers.

We developed a concept for the window based around old-fashioned model making kits that come with all the pieces fixed together, ready to snap out. The kits featured all the elements a cobbler would need to craft shoes. We sourced vintage tools dating back to the early 1900s, such as planishing hammers, cliker blades and lasting pinners, to name a few! We mixed in modern shoe lasts and shoe moulds with leather and cottons. The objects were then seamlessly fixed in with a 20mm thick panel, specifically cut to house the items. We finished all the items in white to give them a uniform appearance.

The end result was a simple but highly unique display, from original concept right through to final touches.