Ecco, Munich: #partofmyworld Influencer Campaign



Project type:
Design, Production, Installation

Ecco commissioned our services to create an installation in their Munich store, featuring their campaign, #partofmyworld. Introducing the new ECCO intrinsic sneaker, the campaign featured fashion influencers, Sara and Sanny. They inspired the ECCO brand with their talents and passion, and wanted to celebrate those who use their talents to live a life less ordinary.

In the window, we featured images from the campaign. These formed the backdrop to the urban-inspired concrete plinths, which featured the Intrinsic product range. To reinforce the logo, we fabricated ‘e’ symbol light boxes. The logo light boxes were held in place, seemingly central in the window, via stretched coloured elastic, which adding energy to the overall look. Optically clear vinyl with fine printed lines were installed to the glass adding an extra dimension.