Loewe at Harrods, London: Cult Handbag Display



Harrods, London

Project type:
Production, Installation

When we were commissioned to realise a unique and up-scaled version of the cult classic Amazona bag for Loewe at Harrods, we were understandably thrilled. Also featuring beautiful handbags by Chloe, Mulberry and Fendi, our suspended installation was highly acclaimed and full of VM pride for us!

We created the body of the bag by using highly reflective golden leather-working tools, supplied by Loewe.  All 132 of the individual, transparent wires to hold these tools were suspended vertically from a steel grid. Each measurement was carefully calculated to replicate the shape of the bag. The internal metal structure within each giant handle ensures these are held firmly in place alongside an oversized copy of Loewe’s padlock, modelled precisely for authenticity.

Celebrating the craftsmanship of such luxury handbags, the oversized leather pieces together with the semi-permeable tooled body of the bag, make the illusion all the more pronounced. Leather panel cream walls and floors encase the piece, providing the perfect backdrop for 147 kilos of style! The overall result is simply stunning, and super chic.

This display has claimed worldwide recognition and was a joy to produce here at Minki Balinki. Concept and design by Loewe, production and installation by Minki Balinki.