Rockefeller Plaza, NYC The Metropolitan Museum of Art Christmas




Project type:
Production, Installation

Working with Concept designer Kate Henderson on this huge installation at the Christmas Installation, Rockefeller Plaza, NYC. Commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art Kate cleverly took the detail of a tiny snowflake and turned them into huge multiple layered sculptures. Inspired by the Met’s tradition of creating a new snowflake ornament every Christmas for more than 40 years, each of these unique sculptural pieces was based on a retrospective tree ornament from 1971- 1982. The snowflakes were fabricated from 3 different finishes, brushed hand polished steel, laser etched steel and snow-white powder coated steel. Set against a backdrop of falling snowflakes inside the store each of the selected years these sculptures were made of and looked impressive from inside the store as well as outside. Bold solution that emphatically said ‘Christmas’.