Oasis, nationwide: Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart




Project type:
Design, Production

For this Spring campaign, Oasis collaborated with iconic florist Nikki Tibbles to create the floral designs collection “Wild at Heart”.

Peony print tops, floral dresses and dreamy delphinium staples make every wardrobe blooming lovely!

The windows take their inspiration from these beautiful prints. The flowers were cut from an exquisite water colour paper and then hand-shaped with four layers to give them depth. The flowers were then airbrushed in degrade colouring, from white to deep purple, giving them a real burst of depth and colour.

Dresses created using with one of the dress designs, show the stages of manufacture as the mannequins travel down the conveyer belt, creating the illusion of Spring being made. Finishing details were added; paint tins with oasis labels and paint brushes with paint!