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Fabulous 5 Years: Novikov, Mayfair

Celebrating 5 Years of Fabulous, this complex installation was designed by Kate Henderson.

It covered five windows with multiple layered graphics!

Tape Me Out!


Tape Me Out: Glasgow, United Kingdom based artist Jim Lambie famed for colourful sculptural installations made from everyday modern materials including pop culture objects, such as posters and album covers, and household accessories, in this case the wondrous sticky tape.

Tape One: Aakash Nihalani


Tape One: Aakash Nihalani 3d Tape Installations. Aakash is a street artist who says “I am not trying to push a certain highbrow logic or philosophy”.
Pushing boundaries, this everyday medium started about a year ago, Aakash has been decorating the inner and outer city scene in New York and New Delhi with cutting edge 3-D geometric brilliance.

“People need to understand that how it is is not how it has to be.” A true dude. See more at: http://www.aakashnihalani.com/

Swing a song? Not sixpence, but superb design from Duffy of London


Swing a song? This week for our Wednesday Blink we are featuring this innovative design store Duffy London. Check out their website for homeware masterpieces. We particularly like this nostalgic swing chair dining table… ‘gotta get me one of those’ springs to mind. Brilliant.