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Shoe Heaven, Harrods, London

We’ve been working very closely with the team at Harrods to make sure each pair of shoes featured in this window are precisely positioned to the millimetre! Beautiful shoes, climbing through the clouds, or simply sitting looking pretty.

We carefully created clouds that felt light and airy to convey the feel of floating in shoe heaven!


Chrome, Chocolate

dogs 3

We have been commissioned to design, produce and install this window in Chrome’s new store window. The theme is black and silver!




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Mothercare here we come!

Interior free-standing fixtures – 314 to be exact! A total of 14 artic lorries’ full! Busy day…


Shell chandelier, Marks & Spencers

We were commissioned to create a chandelier for the lingerie section at Marks & Spencer. The feel of the chandelier is super light, with 5,500 individual Capzi shells seamlessly floating in the air!