Alice & Olivia - Rainbow Books @ Harrods

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May 7, 2024

Alice and Olivia are known for their love of colour and they did not disappoint with this window for autumn winter @Harrods.  We were asked by the New York design team to created cosy rainbow Library reminiscent of something that you would have in an extravagant London home. Sourcing all the other elements lamps, tables, foot stools and picture frames then slightly treating them to treat them to work with creating the scene. . Over 1,500 actual books were selected from our wholesale book supplier which was so much fun and being very careful to choose titles that would reflect home, fashion and women. Cladding the walls with printed foamex pannels and even adding in cournecing all the wood was stained to a dark hue so as to not detrackt form the beautiful rainbow effect.

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