Wool Week At Oasis

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May 3, 2024

As Wool Week approaches, Oasis is buzzing with excitement to showcase their latest tribute to this timeless material. The innovative team at Oasis never fails to impress with their imaginative take on wool, and this year is no exception. Embracing a theme of warmth and comfort, the store is transformed into a cosy haven with letters lovingly wrapped in chunky wool in soothing earthy hues. Vibrant knitting needles add a playful touch, sporting shades of pink and orange that bring a burst of energy to the scene.

Giant balls of wool and oversized knitting needles take centre stage, ingeniously repurposed to fashion one-of-a-kind chair backs for the elegant mannequins. Shelves are adorned with charming decorations that exude a sense of homely charm, while mannequins are enveloped in luxurious layers of wool, embodying the essence of snug sophistication. Oasis truly captures the essence of Wool Week, celebrating the versatility and beauty of this beloved material in a truly captivating way.

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