Levis - Copper Launch

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May 13, 2024

Jewel in the Crown. Levi's commissioned Minki Balinki to clad the external hoarding of their newly acquired Flagship store in the heart of Regent Street. The concept design had been completed, and it was now our mission to bring it to life. Opting for authenticity, we specified real copper sheets as nothing quite captures the original look of copper. To add texture and eliminate harsh lines, we decided to create a patchwork design for the front. Each sheet was meticulously routed to shape, with Levi's rivets lining the edges for an added touch of detail.

The rivet detailing not only enhanced the aesthetic but also served as the fixing point, allowing the sheets to be riveted to the hoarding on-site, completing the look seamlessly. A striking 5m batwing shape was intricately cut from the hoarding, with a boxed panel featuring oversized letters also clad in copper spelling out the Levi's brand raised off the backing. This panel was meticulously covered with 250,000 hand-placed Levi's jean buttons, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the overall design. The combination of copper, rivets, and denim buttons truly elevated the exterior of the flagship store, making it a standout attraction on Regent Street.

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