Selfridges - Vouge

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May 8, 2024

We were really honoured to be called on to create this oversized Selfridges bag for an article that would be featured in Vogue.  The original concept was a small Selfridges bag which was cut through to make an expression of an explosion coming through it. This was then scale to 2.4 x 1.2 meters. We fabricated this using Alu panel that gave us the flexibility to free hand bend the curves. The bag was 2d and all the exterior was sprayed in the Selfridges iconic yellow with the Logo in black. The photoshoot was a stunning display of creativity, with a catwalk lined with oversized Selfridges bags, each one a work of art in itself. Amongst them stood a striking yellow mannequin, perfectly complementing the bold and vibrant aesthetic of the Selfridges brand. The contrast of the sleek, modern bags against the classic allure of the mannequin created a visually captivating scene, capturing the essence of high fashion and luxury.

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